Robert Irwin on Mondrian

over 10 years ago

Mondrian laid out the conceptual ground for contemporary art -- the history of Mondrian's work lays out a very careful road map -- he takes his work from one kind of perception or awareness of reality (a beautifully rendered tree or flower) and then step-by-step began to examine other dimensions of how it exists (its field density, its weight, the interaction of the energy of it to its space). Mondrian moved from one kind of perception of knowing to another kind of perception of knowing (i.e., from one kind of perception or knowing or understanding of reality to another kind of understanding or perception of reality). [...] Having brought up Piet Mondrian, let me just read something from him, written in 1912, which kind of grounds everything I do today. Interesting to find it 30 years later... I could have saved myself a lot of time [...]

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