about 2 years ago

I'm going to say this once: What is this pseudo-revolutionary millennial sentiment about philosophy and culture? Everything is now about emotions and affect. But have you considered this thought that your raw emotions might be actually pathological, assimilated by the very commodity culture you are trying to escape from, that maybe the best way is not to give your psychological feelings the ultimate free reign but to critically judge them? Read some stoics. The point is to judge which emotions are pathological and psychologically biased so as to differentiate the merely impulsively personal from those emotions which serve all the people who might actually differ from you? You talk excessively about your affects and emotions, but have you considered there are people who can't even pose such questions because they are still struggling with their mere survival in an obscene reality that knows nothing of their desires. What about their affect? The greatest cognitive sin is when we trump our privileges afford by the society in which we live in as if they were the laws of nature applicable to any person living in this vicious world.

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